Yummy art

Food and art. Two of my favorite things. I indulged both today at the Rhode Island Food Fights cupcake competition. Bakers from all Rhode Island competed to present the most delicious cupcake. And artists displayed cupcake related art for sale in a silent auction. My creation was this Sharpie marker work on paper, “Cupcake Goddess.” It didn’t sell, but I got to eat all the cupcakes I wanted for free. Sweet!

9 thoughts on “Yummy art

  1. Hello Sandy, sounds like you’ve had a yummy time!! Your lady is excellent, cherishing her cupcake, and the dress….with all those lovely designs and curves…lovely piece!

  2. I love this and, no, not because it has a cupcake. 🙂 It’s very energetic, colorful and comforting!

  3. This is a delicious little morsel, Sandy!! I am trying to spend time looking through CED postings and hoping that I will meet other artists. It’s funny how we take for granted nowadays that “meeting” new friends can happen completely by our wandering the same paths online.

    I love your Sharpie work. I’ve been wanting to play with them more myself, especially the thicker ones as I’ve stayed pretty much with the very fine pointed ones.

  4. Oh, this is yummy in more ways than one!! i love it! Love that you kept the dress in black & white – the cupcake really pops out. And hey, if you got to eat free cupcakes, that means you DID win!! xoxo

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