Playing around

During my holiday break, I have been deeply engaged in creative play. One inspiration was a friend of mine, who, as we were discussing ideas for creating work for a spring exhibition, she told me that my idea sounded “safe.” My initial reaction was to immediately reject her words, but I also realized that she […]

Something pretty

Because I live in New England and it may never stop snowing, here is something pretty to look at to lift your spirits. It certainly lifted mine. A friend gave me this plant as a bulb for a Christmas gift. This weekend, during a four-day snow storm, it decided to bloom. Perfect timing for offering […]

Fashion brooches

I love taking bits and pieces of things–paper, wood, anything–and putting them together in different ways. My late grandmother was an expert at this, whether it was putting together a meal, a quilt or a decorative wall covered in magazine pages. My collage work stems from my earliest memories of that on some unconscious level. […]

Glorious weekend

What a glorious weekend! The weather was perfect, and the days were filled with family and friends. I went on a wonderful bike ride with my husband and 10-year-old son, along a lovely bike path that had plenty of inspiration to offer in gentle breezes, nature’s music and beautiful scenery. We took a friend out […]

Rain and remembrance

I awoke to rain today. The sound of it–the music of it–made me think of my grandmother, who died many years ago. She lived in the country in Sumter County, Ala., and had a tin roof on her house. Oh, I can smell the red clay of that area right now. It is so funny […]

Silver Linings

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday: I don’t always have to try to go around a problem. Sometimes I need to go through it. I have been letting something that has been bothering me brew in my mind and heart. I’ve  embraced it, turned it over and over, awakened each day and cursed it away, […]

Strange inspiration

Inspiration is a strange thing. You never know from where it will come. Sometimes as I’m drawing I consciously try to listen to my thoughts to see what is leading me to draw the images that I draw, but I haven’t figured it out. This drawing, for example, was inspired by a report on the […]

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