SPARK 14: “Letting Go”

I participated in another round of Spark: Art from Writing; Writing from Art, in which artists are given written pieces as inspiration and writers are given artwork as inspiration. Each time I do it (this is my third time), I’m pushed in an unexpected direction in which I grow creatively–at least I think so. I usually end up with an image I might not have created or working in some new way. That’s the case for this piece “Letting Go,” a mixed media work on paper, which is based on the following poem. I spent several days just thinking about the words, which seemed angry at first, but slowly settled into a kind of peacefulness that I think comes when one lets go of something that has been hard to hold onto to begin with–especially relationships. There is anger, loss, longing, mourning and then release, letting go. If you look closely, you will see that I used ripped up pieces of the poem as the background. The next round of Spark happens in February, if you want to try it.

(Inspiration piece)

Shades of Gray 

By Ray Sharp

I wrote you a poem

in a small and even script

words like bird tracks

in wet sand

but I inked them out

with furious black smudges

and set it afire

dropped it and watched

words turn to ashes

and float across

your view of the moon.

Cremation, phoenix.

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