Emerging from my vacation coma of doing absolutely nothing all week, I finally pulled myself together and created this mixed media collage piece today. It’s on paper, about 18 x 22. I began by pouring one of my favorite colors in liquid acrylic paint on paper. While cleaning up my studio today I found the left over shells from mailing labels so I stuck those to the paper and then ripped them up after pouring the paint, which left some lines where the paper had been covered and also ripped up random sections of the paper. I then played with remnants of other papers I had laying around the studio, and here you have it.

5 thoughts on “Paperwork

  1. I love this Sandy, a beautiful mixed media piece. I like Laura’s concept of recharge, excellent, I fully agree!

  2. Well Sandy, it’s clear to me now that i need a vacation coma soon….
    That mixed media collage is AWESOME!!! i love it. It has a very peaceful feel to it… love the simplicity and what looks like chinese writing on the right. Absolutely beautiful Sandy… xoxo

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