AngelsinprogressTonight I would continued to experiment with the painted paper I made and cut up for handmade cards. With the remaining piece I decided to work on a painting of a sketch I’ve had for a couple of weeks. The drawing is of ladies in long gowns holding hands. I tend to dress my ladies in long gowns in my artwork. There is an elegance and otherworldliness about the garb that appeals to me. It’s the influence of visiting Senegal and loving the colorful, flowing African fabric. The paint was hard to control on the paper so I ended up pouring paint over everything and smearing it around just to see what would happen. I don’t think I like the result. But we will see. I’ll wait a bit and come back to it. (The photo was taken at night on my craft table. The quality isn’t really that great, but you can get a sense of it.)

Red, Blue and Gold
Handmade card

I did make two more cards that I love. They will be added to the boxes and boxes of cards I’ll take with me to sell at the Holiday Fair on Saturday in Dorchester, Mass. Wish me luck. I always get nervous about these fairs. Will my work sell this time? Will people like it? Will it be a waste of time?


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"Experimenting" on Creations by Coleman

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