Playing around

During my holiday break, I have been deeply engaged in creative play.

One inspiration was a friend of mine, who, as we were discussing ideas for creating work for a spring exhibition, she told me that my idea sounded “safe.”

My initial reaction was to immediately reject her words, but I also realized that she was right. I tend to fall back on a particular subject matter because I’m comfortable with it and can predict the successful results of creating that subject matter. (Although sometimes it is hard to know whether it is comfort or a calling that leads me there.)

So, to get me out of the comfort zone, I’m playing with ideas that are not necessarily connected to what I traditionally do. I’ve chosen to play with materials and techniques (pictured is a watercolor piece on card stock) that are unfamiliar to me.

So far it has been exciting and my mind is racing with possibility.

It’s good to be pushed–sometimes. 🙂


Ah, art

I’m always amazed about the restorative power of art. Finally, I got to actually sit  in my studio this weekend and work on art. And, boy, I feel so much better. Ahhh. It could be that getting to shake my booty a little bit in a great Zumba class this week also helped lift my spirits. But, art is the biggest part of it. (9 x 12, watercolor, on 140-pound watercolor paper).

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