Sketchbook Sunday: Faces

I’m working on some ideas for creating my next art class.  I did this face using a Sharpie marker and colored pencils. It’s not perfect, which is OK because I’m trying to get over striving for perfection. Instead I’m focusing on the process and learning.

What are you working on today? Leave a comment and share a link. I’d love to see.

Sketchbook Sunday: Gel pen flowers

My wonderful art buddy gave me a gaint pack of gel pens as a birthday gift. Feels just as exciting as receiving diamonds. I love art supplies! So I played with them this morning, getting ready for my Painting Flowers in Mixed Media class that starts this week at the Attleboro Arts Museum. Feeling happy and blessed.

Sketchbook Sunday: Red and green mandala

I’m really into these mandalas. They are so relaxing to create. Well, they are relaxing now that I’ve given up on trying to make them like the perfect ones that are created using math, rulers and compasses. I love and envy those, but I don’t seem to have the patience to create them. So I’ve developed my own approach using folded coffee filters and Sharpie markers. The possibilities are endlesss and it is always a nice surprise to open up the fold to see what I’ve designed.

What are you working on today? Leave a comment and a link to your blog. I would love to see.

Sketchbook Sunday: Snow, no!

This work in my sketchbook expresses how I feel about the forecast for more snow just days after a previous storm. 🙂

I’m a southerner who has lived in New England for more than 25 years and yet I can’t seem to get used to freezing. Hmm. Shocking.

I’m loving working with heavy black marker lines and the softness of colored pencils. Can we ever have enough colored pencils? I think not because I seem to keep buying more every time I see them. Don’t even get me started on the love of coloring books. What are you working on today? Leave a comment and a link to your sketchbook.

Reconnecting with the basics

DSCN0096When I was in college one of my art teachers required us to sketch in our sketchbooks once a day. Being the typical college student, I procrastinated–even with art. I put off sketching in favor of…what? I have no idea. Inevitably the sketchbook would be due and there I would be wide awake the night before–pulling an all-nighter, sketching! So ridiculous when I think about how precious having time to actually sketch is now. Ah, youth is wasted on the young. But I digress.

The habit of sketching every day is such a valuable tool for keeping the creativity going. I’ve lost sight of that in the past several months as I’ve been busy with work and life in general. But with the start of the new year I’m trying to reconnect with that basic. I’m using a lined notebook to try to sketch something, anything, every day, which will also reconnect me to the daily practice that really got my artwork off the ground when I first connected with the Creative Every Day Challenge.

I’m using a lined notebook instead of a traditional sketchbook because the paper is not special, therefore, I’m free to do whatever I want without thinking every drawing is some precious masterpiece. I tend to freeze up when I have a really nice sketchbook (too nice for me to “mess” up, the internal critic (that bitch 🙂 ) always tells me). Above is one of those drawings–just a random pen drawing that came to me as I stared at the blank page with no ideas and began to simply add triangles. Those triangles then turned into a crown, which, of course, begged for a goddess.