My word for 2018: Learn

Instead of setting a long list of “resolutions” this year (because we all know what happens to those), I’ve decided to choose one word that will be my inspiration for the year ahead. My word is “learn.” I plan to learn as much as I can in as many aspects of my life as I […]

Art workshop projects

What a weekend! It was filled with art-brainstorming and art making. On Saturday, my art buddy and I went into Boston to a salvage store that has great items and inspiration for art projects. I’m blessed to have a friend who gets just as excited as I do imagining what we can do with the […]


Emerging from my vacation coma of doing absolutely nothing all week, I finally pulled myself together and created this mixed media collage piece today. It’s on paper, about 18 x 22. I began by pouring one of my favorite colors in liquid acrylic paint on paper. While cleaning up my studio today I found the […]


I’ve been working on this mixed media piece for several weeks, first by playing with lines that turned into trees. I collaged the trees on canvas, then added the lady in red because I find it difficult to NOT include the spirit of women in my artwork. I let it sit, looking at it off […]

CED: Mixed media

The theme for this month’s Creative Every Day Challenge is “mixed media.” Perfect. I love working in mixed media. I enjoy layering mediums and materials in ways  that add complexity and dimension to my artwork. Mixing materials fuels that element of play that inspires me in my art making. I want people who look at […]

SPARK 15: Words as inspiration

This is round 15 of SPARK, which was created to inspire art from writing and writing from art. Artists are paired up with writers or work alone to create visual and written works in response to assigned inspiration pieces. This time I collaborated with talented poet Ray Sharp. (He is working on a poem based […]

Art play date

My art buddy and I enjoyed an art play date this weekend. We attended a two-hour free demo workshop sponsored by Golden paints at the New Art Center in Newton. Artist Adria Arch showed us a large variety of the mediums, gels and paints that the company makes. She opened up a whole new playground […]

Self portrait

Self portraits are not the easiest things in the world to do. You might think they would be. Who knows you better than you, right? I think that may be why I have trouble when I do one. I’d rather draw the Sandy I wish to be (she looks very much like the skinny version […]

Slow motion

Boy, it has been a bit since I posted. Feeling lazy. Summer does that. I’ve been making things, but have not made it to the scanner to post them here. I’m on “staycation” now with my mom, who is visiting from Alabama. We’re doing a lot of sitting around watching tennis on TV. I’m trying […]

CED: Metamorphosis

The theme this month for the Creative Every Day Challenge is “metamorphosis.” So this weekend I spent time allowing for “change,” something different. I began on Saturday by getting up at 7 a.m. to go to an outdoor Zumba class. Anyone who knows my legendary love of sleep knows that this was definitely a big […]

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