Summer fair

This week I’m concentrating on getting ready for an upcoming summer fair, which will feature artists, musicians and lots of activities at the First Parish Church in Dorchester, Mass., where I exhibit during the Dorchester Arts Collaborative’s Open Studios. I’ll be selling my jewelry and handmade greeting cards.

Negative space

I’m in a negative space today.  I just got a rejection letter from a local arts museum where I entered a mixed media painting for an upcoming show. For the gazillionth time I have entered a piece, and for the gazillionth time they have rejected me.

I just love form rejection letters–so specific:

Dear artist,

We hate your painting, thanks for the $25 entry fee that you might as well set on fire instead of give to us to have our highly qualified juror tell you that we all hate your work, yet again, and that you might as well toss out your brushes and pick up the remote control instead.

Please come pick up your work as soon as possible because we can’t stand to look at it much longer.


The museum

Well, the letter didn’t say that, but that’s how I read it.

So I feel totally unmotivated right now. I won’t be making any art today. I’ve already had one chocolate chip cookie that I shouldn’t have. And this is the last time I will ever try to get anything in this museum.

Do I sound bitter?

Gallery night

We had a special evening tonight. My son and husband accompanied me to the wine tasting and artist reception hosted by the Rhodes Gallery in Cumberland, R.I., where my painting, handmade cards and jewelry are on display.

It was wonderful to mingle and meet the other artists and to watch the gallery goers look at my items. I felt very special.

Tonight’s creative activity for Creative Every Day‘s June theme of “bliss” was setting the table in preparation of having a visiting relative over for lunch tomorrow.

I hate cleaning the house, grocery shopping and the other preparation necessary when hosting guests. But I love, love setting the table–choosing the table cloth, setting up the dishes and glasses just so, picking out the serving platters.

I have no idea what we are eating tomorrow, but it will be beautiful.

June business goals

Wow. Can it actually be June? No way! Well, way!

Actually, I’m so happy that it is finally summer. We wait for it for so long in New England and it goes by so fast. I’m going to focus on enjoying every moment.

Last month I joined a group posting on a blog in which creative entrepreneurs set business goals each month, post them and then check back on the first of the month. I think it is a great idea to break down goals. Below I have listed my goals for June, followed by the ones I listed for May and how I did with those. I love lists and checking things off:

June goals:

1. Continue to measure, size and name all paintings (five each night).

2. Photograph three pieces of jewelry each day after work.

3. Post at least 10 images of jewelry on my web site.

4. Scan in 5 greeting cards per night.

May goals:

1. Measure, size and name all paintings (five each night). [Started out great on this, but only go through about 10 paintings. I’ll continue this for June.]

2. Enter work for a South End juried exhibition and for a Rhode Island gallery. [I entered work for the Rhode Island gallery and got in! One of my paintings, some of my handmade cards and jewelry are at the gallery awaiting buyers. I will apply for the South End juried exhibition this month. The deadline is July.]

3. Pay for copyright for wording that will be on the back of my handmade greeting cards. [I did this and ordered labels with the wording!]

4. Buy calendar to help track of expenses. [I did this! It has been very helpful so far.]

Glorious weekend

What a glorious weekend! The weather was perfect, and the days were filled with family and friends.

I went on a wonderful bike ride with my husband and 10-year-old son, along a lovely bike path that had plenty of inspiration to offer in gentle breezes, nature’s music and beautiful scenery.

We took a friend out to dinner for her birthday at Bravo–our favorite spot in Providence. She really appreciated it, which warmed our hearts.

And I went to see “Sex and the City.” I love, loved the outrageous wardrobe and the brilliant colors of the dessert scenes. This 11 x 15 mixed media work on paper was inspired by the movie and all those glorious costumes. The background began as my attempt at intuitive painting for Creative Every Day.  I call it “Bejeweled.”

Going with the flow

So today I finally decided to take a deep breath, exhale and try some intuitive painting for this month’s intuition theme for Creative Every Day. For some reason, I’ve been resisting the letting go that painting intuitively requires. But better late than never.

I chose to just pick out a few colors–a brown, a bronze, a gold, a deep red and a blue. I apparently was feeling in touch with earth tones today. Perhaps it was the gloriously sunny weekend that makes you want to stay outdoors forever. I turned on some music and then just started swirling the colors across the paper with the flow of the music.

This is the result. I call this “Going With the Flow.”

Busy weekend

I had a wonderfully busy weekend. Here is a list of all I accomplished:

  • I visited a Rhode Island business surplus warehouse where I can get all the items I need for displaying paintings, jewelry and handmade cards. I felt like a little girl running loose in a candy shop! I owe thanks to the owner of the gallery where my work will be shown for this amazing find. This place has been around for 13 years and I had no idea. One conversation with a gallery owner and bingo! Funny how things work, huh? While I was there I got this eerie feeling like I was being guided on my artistic path.
  • I mailed the plate I designed for the REACH fundraiser, Reach for the Stars. I can’t wait to see how it comes out once they fire it.
  • I worked on the finishing touches for a painting that I’m hoping to get into a juried show at a local museum. Wish me luck. I will hand deliver it on Thursday.
  • I cooked collard greens and cornbread. Believe me this counts as art. There is a definite art in trying to match my Mama’s recipe for both.
  • I spent Sunday afternoon photographing jewelry that will be featured in the Rhodes Gallery and jewelry that I hope to get into a gallery in Boston. Again, I need your luck.
  • I put gesso on some paper in preparation for doing some intuitive painting in the coming week for Creative Every Day.

Now I need to rest up for my real job. Boy, wouldn’t it be great to do art full time? Next on my list…buy a lottery ticket. 🙂

More good news

Now that it is official I can announce that I was recently elected to the Dorchester Arts Collaborative’s board of directors. DAC supports and encourages the arts in Dorchester, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Boston.

I’m honored to have been elected, and I’m very excited about making a contribution to such an important organization. I’ve been involved with the organization since 2005 when I attended my first Dorchester Open Studios, which DAC sponsors.

A local newspaper wrote about an upcoming event the organization will hold on Thursday, May 20. I’m mentioned and quoted in the article. Check it out here in the Dorchester Reporter.

So much to do

So much to do. That’s a good thing. I feel that I have momentum in getting some things done regarding my art business, so I’m trying to not slow down.

Meeting with the owner of a gallery that will show my work has me in high gear. I’ll be making more jewelry to offer, creating new paintings and going back through my artwork to put together a series of works that could get me considered for the gallery’s “Artist of the Month” exhibit space.

I’m also trying to keep up with the four business goals I set for myself. So far, I’m doing pretty well on those–except for the biggie of sizing all of my work and recording the names of each piece. Yikes. Wish I had been doing it all along.

I’ve also discovered how to do a slide show in flickr and embed it. I think that will come in very handy. Unfortunately I just discovered that Word Press doesn’t support flickr slideshows within blog entries. So I found out in the help forum that I needed to use So now I know how to do slide shows with both.

I love learning new things. Life is good!

YAY! A gallery

"Hat Ladies" at Rhodes GalleryI am so excited! I just returned from meeting with the owner of a new gallery in Cumberland, R.I.—Rhodes Gallery. She was interested in featuring this acrylic painting “Hat Ladies”, as well as some of my handmade greeting cards and jewelry.

Did I mention that I’m excited! This is the first time I’ve gotten artwork into an actual gallery. I can’t wait to write this on my artist resume.

It’s so amazing how once you make intentions and work toward goals things start happening. I’m determined to make many things happen this year regarding my art. This will be a great learning experience for me. The gallery owner loves bold colors. So we will get along very well.

I owe a great deal of my boldness in approaching a gallery to the inspiration of Leah’s Creative Every Day blog. Working on artwork every day nurtures me and reminds me of how much I have to offer. My confidence as an artist grows each day.

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