A paper weekend

I indulged my love of paper this weekend at Paper Connection International in Providence, R.I. The company mainly supplies commercial paper sellers, but opens its doors to the public three times a year. Saturday was one of those times. There were lots of lovely textured and patterned papers, many of them handcrafted. I created a greeting card using the paper I bought as well as a mixed media painting–acrylic paint on handmade bamboo paper with collaged pieces from handwritten letters. This piece was created for the “language” theme for the April Creative Every Day Challenge. Oh, how I love paper!

12 thoughts on “A paper weekend

  1. There is an elegance in this paper lady of yours, I love her blue shaped head looking down! Yes I love papers too, each tells their own story with their colours and patterns as well as their texture, such fun to cut and glue with them. My favourites are silk papers with their thready bits, they add such texture to a piece. Have yourself a great week Sandy xx

  2. I tried posting once and then had to change the login… anyhow, I just sold my car 10 days ago and when I emptied it out I chose just one of 3 wallpaper books someone had given me in September of 2010. what was I “saving them” for ?! anyhow, your paper lady has inspired me to go and cut up some of those pages and make art!! beautimous and inspiring work, Sandy!!

  3. Sandy, this paper lady just blows me away!! I also LOVE paper, so the textures in this are just awesome… and i so love how you have all that text in her dress… a wonderful work of art. LOVE it. Congrats on having your work in the art exhibit! I’m not surprised your work was chosen. xoxo

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