Playing around

During my holiday break, I have been deeply engaged in creative play. One inspiration was a friend of mine, who, as we were discussing ideas for creating work for a spring exhibition, she told me that my idea sounded “safe.” My initial reaction was to immediately reject her words, but I also realized that she […]

The art of nature

Beauty is everywhere. Often we miss it because we are so busy multitasking. Even as artists striving to create beautiful things, sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of us. I realized this recently as I sat in the studio at my craft table on a frigid day that I was not about […]

My word for 2018: Learn

Instead of setting a long list of “resolutions” this year (because we all know what happens to those), I’ve decided to choose one word that will be my inspiration for the year ahead. My word is “learn.” I plan to learn as much as I can in as many aspects of my life as I […]

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