Zentangle Goddess of Love

Zentangle Goddess of Love

New “Hope”

320986_10151192671876650_461804106_nI had a very busy weekend–doing real full-time-job “work” that can’t seem to fit within the regular work day; cooking for the week so that I don’t go insane (well, more insane than I already am) trying to get everything done when I come home from the full-time job; and finally, finally playing with paint in the studio. I always forget how happy that makes me feel. I began with my brushes on paper, but soon tossed them aside and used my fingers to paint a new mixed media piece that I call “The Goddess of Hope.”

The art of Facebook


I’ll admit it; I am guilty of using Facebook for it’s most sacred purpose–to look up old high school friends to see if they have gained as much weight as I have, and for procrastinating. I can get lost for hours viewing pages and looking at the photos of other people I barely know in person but feel intimately involved with from afar.

I do also use Facebook for important reasons like sharing the art and jewelry that I have available for sale on Etsy and RedBubble as well as for inviting people to events that I will be attending. Social media has so much potential for us as artists because it puts audiences (and potential clients) within the reach of a keyboard. We just have to know how to tap into that.

In March, I will be part of a panel discussion about how artists can use social media to their benefit. I would like to invite you to share how you are using social media. Do you use your personal Facebook page or prefer a business/artist page? How often do you post items? What do you post? What’s the most significant thing that has come about because of your use of Facebook? Are there any downsides to using it?

Send me your tips for getting the most out of Facebook  and your Facebook links, too (and I’ll send you mine). I would love to “friend” you. I’ll share your links with my audience during the panel discussion and presentation, and help spread the word about your wonderful work.

Reconnecting with the basics

DSCN0096When I was in college one of my art teachers required us to sketch in our sketchbooks once a day. Being the typical college student, I procrastinated–even with art. I put off sketching in favor of…what? I have no idea. Inevitably the sketchbook would be due and there I would be wide awake the night before–pulling an all-nighter, sketching! So ridiculous when I think about how precious having time to actually sketch is now. Ah, youth is wasted on the young. But I digress.

The habit of sketching every day is such a valuable tool for keeping the creativity going. I’ve lost sight of that in the past several months as I’ve been busy with work and life in general. But with the start of the new year I’m trying to reconnect with that basic. I’m using a lined notebook to try to sketch something, anything, every day, which will also reconnect me to the daily practice that really got my artwork off the ground when I first connected with the Creative Every Day Challenge.

I’m using a lined notebook instead of a traditional sketchbook because the paper is not special, therefore, I’m free to do whatever I want without thinking every drawing is some precious masterpiece. I tend to freeze up when I have a really nice sketchbook (too nice for me to “mess” up, the internal critic (that bitch 🙂 ) always tells me). Above is one of those drawings–just a random pen drawing that came to me as I stared at the blank page with no ideas and began to simply add triangles. Those triangles then turned into a crown, which, of course, begged for a goddess.

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