Zentangle Goddess of Love

New “Hope”

I had a very busy weekend–doing real full-time-job “work” that can’t seem to fit within the regular work day; cooking for the week so that I don’t go insane (well, more insane than I already am) trying to get everything done when I come home from the full-time job; and finally, finally playing with paint […]

The art of Facebook

I’ll admit it; I am guilty of using Facebook for it’s most sacred purpose–to look up old high school friends to see if they have gained as much weight as I have, and for procrastinating. I can get lost for hours viewing pages and looking at the photos of other people I barely know in […]

Reconnecting with the basics

When I was in college one of my art teachers required us to sketch in our sketchbooks once a day. Being the typical college student, I procrastinated–even with art. I put off sketching in favor of…what? I have no idea. Inevitably the sketchbook would be due and there I would be wide awake the night […]

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