Welcome, fall

As I took an afternoon walk this weekend in the cooler air, it was such a pleasure to see the beautiful changing leaves of fall. And as I thought about fall, my mind began to wander, and I began to think about trees (the theme for October’s Creative Every Day Challenge) and how they let go of their leaves as the seasons change. That led me to think about how we all need to let go of things and let things that hold us back from change fall away. This image came to mind, so I created this in my sketchbook. It’s called “Falling.”

Constant change

The theme for September’s Creative Every Day Challenge is “time.” This piece,  “Constant/Change” (colored pencil on paper),  was inspired by the theme. I created it as I thought about the change of seasons as time goes by.

New greeting cards

It’s amazing how a little encouragement can get the artistic juices flowing. I recently made a birthday card for someone. She loved it so much that she wanted to see other cards, so I made her more of the same one and many others that I thought she might like. She told others about the cards and they love them, too. And so I’ve been a busy little studio bee creating cards this week. Here are just a few. I make each card one by one, but some of them are available to order as a reproduction on my RedBubble site.

Designer plate

Each year, REACH, an organization that advocates for victims of domestic violence, hosts the REACH for the Stars auction. Among the items auctioned are ceramic plates designed by artists and celebrities.  I was asked to design another plate this year, which is such an honor for me and my very small way of helping the cause.

The event will be October 18 at WGBH Studios in Boston. You can find out more about the organization here and see a gallery of some of the plates here. I call my plate “Reach Out.” The idea is that as we reach up to achieve our own goals we also need to remember to reach out to others so that they too reach theirs.

The other plate artists are: Rosemary Broton Boyle, Sally Brophy, Angelica Busque,  Rona Conti, Emily Corbató, Elli Crocker, Cathleen, Daley, Eleanor B. Goud, Barbara Grad, Norman Laliberte, Julie Levesque, Pat Mattina, Todd McKie, Deborah Edmiston Miller, Sally Moore, Roberta Paul, David Penna, Shawn Sargent, Nancy Schön, Rosalie Ripaldi Shane, Janet Shapero, Julia Shepley, Michael Wilson, Rita Wolfson and Barbara Zeles.

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