The art of self discovery: Day 1

Imagine  a table before you.

On it are a thick piece of charcoal, a thin piece of vine charcoal, and a pencil.

Pick one to start drawing.

Which one would you choose? And what does it say about you as a person or as an artist?

This was one of the scenarios that an amazing art professor presented today to students in the drawing class I’m taking. The class focuses on drawing as a way of discovering “self.” Since I’m always in search of who I really am, this class really appeals to me. It is for first-year college students as a way of introducing them to college life, but I’m lucky enough to get to sit in. (I’m the only one who needed reading glasses to see the syllabus today, by the way.)

It was so interesting to sit among the first-year students who are just beginning their journeys into who they are and realize that even at my age (which we won’t go into) the journey is not over. The seeking never ends.

In the table scenario, I naturally want to choose the pencil–safe, controlled, familiar; but I want to always push myself to go for that big, bold, messy, unpredictable fat piece of charcoal.

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