Gallery Night with friends

I had a wonderful girl’s night out with two lovely friends last night. We went to our first Gallery Night in Providence, which I’ve been meaning to check out for years. Gallery Night consists of traveling to as many galleries as you would like to in two hours—by riding a bus or walking. I was […]

Just for laughs

This made me laugh today. I’m putting up a copy of it in my studio. The reminder to “get busy, Missy,” comes courtesy of a lovely rug maker named Laura, whom I met at a local art MeetUp.  (She loves to call herself a ‘hooker,’ and I knew I liked her right off because of […]

Yard work as inspiration

I spent much of the weekend yanking weeds and pruning trees–all in need of a great deal of attention. I’m not a yard work kind of girl. I’d rather be inside my climate controled glass art studio with a cup of coffee looking out at the greenry. But once I started sawing and snipping and […]


Emerging from my vacation coma of doing absolutely nothing all week, I finally pulled myself together and created this mixed media collage piece today. It’s on paper, about 18 x 22. I began by pouring one of my favorite colors in liquid acrylic paint on paper. While cleaning up my studio today I found the […]

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