Gallery Night with friends

I had a wonderful girl’s night out with two lovely friends last night. We went to our first Gallery Night in Providence, which I’ve been meaning to check out for years.

Gallery Night consists of traveling to as many galleries as you would like to in two hours—by riding a bus or walking. I was most enthralled with the collage work of artist Jane Maxwell at the David Winton Bell Gallery. Her work is so intriguing in its layering of text and images. I would love to be that good and that clear in concept. I’m definitely going to check out more of her work. She’s so inspiring.

How nice to discover a new artist. And, how nice to see cutting edge art that I wouldn’t normally go see (photos of teddy bears turned inside out, for example). It’s good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. Sometimes.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was sitting down to a lovely dinner with my friends at Bravo, one of my favorite restaurants. (I’ve had the best birthday and anniversary celebrations there.) I loved spending  time just talking, laughing and enjoying really great food on a very hot evening (still 93 degrees at 9 p.m.).

I’m truly blessed to have such wonderfully supportive and giving friends, who totally get my special brand of crazy and embrace it. We definitely need to do this more often.

Just for laughs

This made me laugh today. I’m putting up a copy of it in my studio. The reminder to “get busy, Missy,” comes courtesy of a lovely rug maker named Laura, whom I met at a local art MeetUp.  (She loves to call herself a ‘hooker,’ and I knew I liked her right off because of that.) Each day on her Facebook page she posts lots of funny, witty words of wisdom that keep me smiling throughout the day as I goof off, er, I mean, take my lunch break at work. Thanks, Laura, for being as zany as I am. Check out her blog at (Credit: Artwork by Bruce Timm.)


Yard work as inspiration

I spent much of the weekend yanking weeds and pruning trees–all in need of a great deal of attention. I’m not a yard work kind of girl. I’d rather be inside my climate controled glass art studio with a cup of coffee looking out at the greenry. But once I started sawing and snipping and yanking I couldn’t stop (And why has no one told me how thrilling electric trimmers are? So fast, so powerful). In fact I got quite angry at some stubborn roots that had intertwined themselves throughout legitimate shrubbery, and I yanked and yanked and yanked  until an entire area was clear. What a great release–being able to pull away what does not belong so that the beauty of what does can come forth and breathe. I think a lot more than yard work was going on. So I had lots of greenry to inspire me in this mixed media work on paper. I call it “Growth.”


Emerging from my vacation coma of doing absolutely nothing all week, I finally pulled myself together and created this mixed media collage piece today. It’s on paper, about 18 x 22. I began by pouring one of my favorite colors in liquid acrylic paint on paper. While cleaning up my studio today I found the left over shells from mailing labels so I stuck those to the paper and then ripped them up after pouring the paint, which left some lines where the paper had been covered and also ripped up random sections of the paper. I then played with remnants of other papers I had laying around the studio, and here you have it.

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