SPARK 15: Words as inspiration

Beyond the Horizon

This is round 15 of SPARK, which was created to inspire art from writing and writing from art. Artists are paired up with writers or work alone to create visual and written works in response to assigned inspiration pieces. This time I collaborated with talented poet Ray Sharp. (He is working on a poem based on one of my paintings.) I created this piece, “Beyond the Horizon,” based on his poem “Birds.”


By Ray Sharp

There must be birds
beyond the horizon. We feel
their wings beating in the wind,
hear their murmured conversations
roll ashore in waves, and it grieves us
who remain rooted to the still earth.

To me, the poem is not really about birds. Instead, I see it as being about looking off into the future, about longing for freedom, admiring those who have the courage to fly and grieving for those who are afraid to try, and, thus, remain “rooted.” This 14 x 18 mixed media collage on canvas is about  hope and faith.


Can’t help fantasizing about summer already, considering that we really haven’t had much of a New England winter. This mixed media painting, “Summertime,” features acrylic paint and paper collage on a canvas that has an under-painting of something that didn’t work out so well. I’m getting more and more brave in my decisions to painting over paintings that aren’t working. Starting over each time I have to trust that the outcome will be a good one. That’s good practice for life, too.

Upcoming art exhibit

Good news. I made it into a juried group exhibition! Two of my mixed media paintings will be on exhibit. The show is at the Angelnook Gallery in Cranston, R.I., from February 25 through March 25. The opening reception is February 25 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. with live music and refreshments. If you live in the area, please come by. (The lovely art on the poster is NOT mine, by the way. )

Ah, art

I’m always amazed about the restorative power of art. Finally, I got to actually sit  in my studio this weekend and work on art. And, boy, I feel so much better. Ahhh. It could be that getting to shake my booty a little bit in a great Zumba class this week also helped lift my spirits. But, art is the biggest part of it. (9 x 12, watercolor, on 140-pound watercolor paper).

CED: Night theme

The Dark

The darkness descends  like smoke, choking off the air.

I can’t breathe, yet I’m drawn to it.

I inhale it.

Want to rest in the quiet peacefulness of its nothingness.

I’ll wait here until daybreak.

Words (I’m no poet and I know it.) and image (pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper) created for the “night” theme for this month of the Creative Every Day Challenge.

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