Happy New Year!

It’s December 31, New Year’s Eve. It’s that magical time when I make promises to myself that I won’t keep. You know the ones: Lose weight. Exercise every day. Be nicer. Blah. Blah. Blah. OK, I will try to be nicer….and stress less about things that don’t really matter. Nicer is easy. Stress-free, not so […]

Three-pointers count even when you miss

My 12-year-old son is teaching me a lot about persistence (even though he doesn’t know it). He’s on a mission to be the best basketball player he can be. Last summer he began working on his three-point shots getting ready for the fall try-outs for the city recreation league. He wanted to be better than […]

Holiday how-to

A quick last-minute holiday how-to: A table centerpiece. Our office had a holiday pot luck last week, so I came up with a quick centerpiece using things that I had around the house and office.Take a round container, fill it with the shredded paper you can buy at craft stores for filling baskets. It looks […]

SPARK 14: “Letting Go”

I participated in another round of Spark: Art from Writing; Writing from Art, in which artists are given written pieces as inspiration and writers are given artwork as inspiration. Each time I do it (this is my third time), I’m pushed in an unexpected direction in which I grow creatively–at least I think so. I […]

Winter sparkle

The one thing I love about winter (the theme for Creative Every Day Month) is the encouragement to sparkle and shine at holiday parties. I went to a fabulous, fabulous party last night as the guest of my good friend and art buddy. It was at the Boston Public library on a floor that I […]

TGIM: Thank Goodness It’s Monday

Thank Goodness it’s Monday. I can finally get some rest after my very busy weekend. Friday I had a craft fair from 11 to 4 p.m. Saturday I had another craft fair from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Both required lots of loading and unloading. At least I got some exercise. The craft fair on […]

Winter layers

The theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge for December is winter. Winter is absolutely not my favorite month, even though I have lived in New England since 1989. That’s because I’m from the south–where black top pavement melts in the sun and a “cold” day requires a light sweater. I will never get used […]

A quick sketch

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