A month of art

Well, Art Every Day Month is coming to an end. I admit that I’m running out of stem. But it has been great trying to create something each day. I spent most of the month working on my version of Zentangles, which I have enjoyed. The best thing about Art Every Day Month is that is has kept me in the process of creating–whether I was actually making something or not. Staying in that state keeps the ideas flowing. And I’ve been writing them down in my sketchbook for when I have more time to do them. Getting ideas is half the battle, right? So here is a little sample of my month (created using the mosaic maker at bighugelab.com). I’m now taking a little break before my next challenge for Spark, where artists respond to written pieces and writers respond to art.

Thank you, Leah Piken Kolidas for another month of fun and challenge.

AEDM (Day 26): Light play

Ah, the holidays. That time of year when little strings of lights drive many to go mad….depending on how tangled those lights are from last Christmas. I spent my day finding out how twisted my little strings of lights became while sitting in a box all year. Funny how they manage to do that. I carefully roll them up and put them away, and each year, they come out of the box all twisted up. Untangling gives me plenty of time to slow down and think about the beauty of the holidays with all the lights and decorations. Christmas brings out a little creativity in everyone. Here’s mine (mostly in my studio, so far).

AEDM (Day 25): Natural beauty

Lazy day today. I took my son to see a movie. I so love going to the movies with him. He’s 12 and growing up and away each day, so I treasure our little moments together. So no art making for me. I just enjoyed the natural beauty of the day—like this sunset on our street as my son played basketball in the driveway. Beautiful.

Art Every Day Month (Day 22): Waves

I dreamed I was swept away by waves last night. It’s my typical anxiety dream–perfect for my fear of water. Can you tell from this artwork that I’m feeling anxious this week? There’s nothing specific to be anxious about. Perhaps, it’s an automatic learned response to the holidays. Perhaps, its a survival instinct to prepare me for some really tough retail decisions during this holiday season. 🙂 Judging from the waves here in this piece, looks like I’ve survived one wave and I’m ready to take on the next. Bring it!

(See details about Art Every Day Month here.)

AEDM (Day 21): Feeling tired

I’ve been making art these past few days of Art Every Day Month, but I have been lazy about posting. I almost didn’t post this one today. Sometimes it’s easier to make the art than mustering up the energy to scan it in. For some reason, I feel wiped out today. But here it is.

AEDM (Day 18): Lost and found

I thought I had lost this painting, which I began working on a couple of weeks ago. It began as a simple drawing on canvas and I worked it to what I thought was a point of no return. But I couldn’t just leave it there. So I kept going in my effort to rescue it. I think I like it again. I’m going to leave it be now so I can look at it to remind myself that on the way to creating the painting you have in mind art happens. Happy Day 18 of Art Every Day Month.

AEDM (Day 17): Aha!

I’m noticing something very important about making art every day for Art Every Day Month. Art quickly becomes a habit once you really start doing it. At the start of this month, there was a lot of fretting on my part about what I would do, when I would do it, and whether I could do it everyday. Now making art each day is as natural as brushing my teeth. I don’t every wonder about whether I will brush my teeth or whether I’ll do a good job. I just do it. That’s what I’m doing with art each day (well, I do still worry whether I’m doing a good job). It’s the moments when the day slips away and I haven’t yet done my art that I begin to fret. (Fret? Jeeze, I’m even using different language now. I never use ‘fret’.) I know that this can’t last forever because, frankly, making something every day is exhilarating but exhausting. But, BUT, it’s good to know how easy it is to do art on a regular basis even with all the crazy busy-ness of life carrying on its craziness. Now…if only I could get exercise to become a habit. 🙂

Check out all of the wonderful work by other artists participating in Art Every Day Month here.

AEDM: Day 16

Two more Zentangles for Art Every Day Month. I’m really getting into these now after 16 days. I’m trying different things to to see which approach I like best. I keep thinking  these would make great quilting squares–if I knew how to get them transferred onto fabric, AND if I knew how to sew. I did not get the sewing gene from my Big Mama, who lived in the country and handmade her own clothes. Sorry, Big Mama. 🙂

AEDM (Day 14)

Busy day. Keeping things simple.

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