CED: Shrinky Dink red

I had a great time playing around with Shrinky Dink plastic this weekend making this pair of red earrings, which are perfectly fitting for the “red” theme for the month of August for the Creative Every Day Challenge.

Wow. August is almost over, and school will start soon. Can’t believe summer has passed by so fast. Time flies. This evening as I went for an walk around 7 I could feel and see time slipping away in the unexpectedly cool breeze, the dwindling of the daylight so much sooner than last month, and the yards full of children romping out the remaining days of summer break. Halloween decorations are already out in the stores. Bah Humbug! Why are we in such a rush?

CED: Queen of Hearts

The theme for the month of August for the Creative Every Day Challenge is “red.” I love red because of its boldness. I often work in bright colors so this theme fits me perfectly. This weekend I worked on two pieces in red. One is a drawing that will be a reminder to me that time to do my artwork can be found anywhere, if I look for it; the other is a card that is a tribute to a friend, my art buddy, with whom I spent Saturday being artsy and having a fabulous time. (I got the paper for the card on our art store trip.)

My drawing is a mixed media work in colored pencil, sharpie and pencil. I began working on it a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to really sit down and finish it. I finally got the bulk of the color on it on Saturday as I sat in the parking lot of Lowe’s at 5:30 a.m.–no make up on, wild ponytail–waiting for the store to open at 6 a.m. so I could take advantage of the tax-free holiday and return home to get on my computer to apply for a state rebate for the new refrigerator that I bought. (Ridiculous what some people will do for a good deal, right?) So there I was, half asleep, working my little color pencils.

I mention this because my art buddy and I talked about “time” this weekend–how there is never, ever, enough of it to do all the things we want. We both have so many creative ideas buzzing in our heads, poking and prodding us all the time, but, ah, time…. But I told my very talented friend that I’ve decided that there is not some magical Time Fairy Godmother who is going to swoop down and bestow upon us perfect blocks of time to get our artwork done. So we have to just steal those little moments here and there to accomplish little goals that build up to finished pieces. Coming to terms with that has helped me do what I can when I can, and freed me from feeling guilty about not being able to get EVERYTHING done all the time. And sometimes this is not pretty. Sometimes choosing to steal some art time means the dishes will sit in the sink or the laundry will remain unfolded, but, hey, sorry cups and saucers and wrinkled blouse, I choose me. And, how blessed are we to have so much talent and creative ideas that we have to struggle to find buckets of time to hold it all?

The drawing is called “Queen of Hearts.” Note the sweetness of the face and the condition of the hearts. 🙂

Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

Color Me Beautiful

This latest mixed media work on watercolor paper (12 inches by 16 inches) is for the Creative Color Challenge in which artists were invited to make a color wheel. You know me. I can’t just simply follow directions, can’t just make a wheel of color. So, here, I give you: “Color Me Beautiful.” My scanner wasn’t large enough to capture it all, so this is a detail of it for now. This has some red in it, too, so I’m also counting if for the “red” theme for Creative Every Day. A twofer.

Child’s play, artist’s work

Leave it to a child to remind me that art is all about play. A co-worker’s young daughter was in the office recently. I noticed a cute little necklace she was wearing. It was a little plastic flower-shaped pendant with stripes. It turns out that she made it herself using something I had never heard of: Shrinky Dink. I asked her all about it.  She gave me all of the details and even help me find it in the local art store (accompanied by her mom). I tried it this weekend and OMG! I’m hooked! I created these earrings using this material, which is basically some kind of magic plastic that you can draw on, bake and turn into a hardened object of any shape that can be used  in many imaginative ways. You’ve got to try it at least once. Thanks so much, Co-worker’s Daughter.

August business goal

I’m so thrilled that I accomplished my one business goal for July for the business meetup group–to open an Etsy store–I almost forget to set my sights on something for August. OK. I see that keeping things simple works for me so my goal for August is to add 13 new items to my Etsy shop. I currently have seven. Wish me luck. Thanks Liz Kalloch for being so inspiring.

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