July business goal: Etsy Store

Well, I made one business goal for myself for the month of July: To open a story on etsy.com. I procrastinated all month. I’m not sure why, but Etsy intimidates me. There are so many beautifully created things there, beautifully photographed, so cleverly described. Do my things actually belong there? I spent the month asking […]

Self portrait

Self portraits are not the easiest things in the world to do. You might think they would be. Who knows you better than you, right? I think that may be why I have trouble when I do one. I’d rather draw the Sandy I wish to be (she looks very much like the skinny version […]

My drawing is in Oprah’s magazine!

Blue (the July theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge) is my favorite color this month. The cover of the August issue of O magazine has a blue backdrop, AND one of my drawings is in the magazine! While reading an interview featuring gal pal Gayle talking to Oprah about her last season of the […]

Creating in blue

The theme for the month of July for the Creative Every Day Challenge is “blue.” I’m a very big-bold-color kind of girl, so I don’t tend to create much using the color blue. But I’m liking this challenging push to use the color. It’s strangely liberating to limit the color scheme. It’s so interesting to […]

July business goals

Several months ago I found this wonderful MeetUp group by Liz Kalloch in which artist entrepreneurs post monthly business goals as a way to encourage themselves to keep moving forward. I did it for a month or two…well, I listed things. Here I am again, ready to move forward, do more, reach more clients, arrive […]

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