Slow motion

Boy, it has been a bit since I posted. Feeling lazy. Summer does that. I’ve been making things, but have not made it to the scanner to post them here. I’m on “staycation” now with my mom, who is visiting from Alabama. We’re doing a lot of sitting around watching tennis on TV.

I’m trying to relax and realize that these moments are precious and not in need of being filled with lots of touristy stuff just for the sake of doing touristy stuff. As my mom says, “I’m just here to visit y’all. I don’t need to go anywhere.”

Here’s a piece of art to look at for now until I get myself back in scanning gear. This is the final version of a piece I worked on for “Spark.” I blogged about it a few weeks ago. This is a huge work of art (wow, ‘work of art’ sounds so much more vain than ‘artwork,’ doesn’t it?) 30 x 40 collage with acrylic paint on canvas, “Moonlight Lady.”

CED: Metamorphosis

The theme this month for the Creative Every Day Challenge is “metamorphosis.” So this weekend I spent time allowing for “change,” something different. I began on Saturday by getting up at 7 a.m. to go to an outdoor Zumba class. Anyone who knows my legendary love of sleep knows that this was definitely a big change for me.

Alas, the class was rained out. So there I was taking a big step to change with no payoff. I could have just gone home, but I used the time to get in some morning walking and then headed over to the Y to try out the new Zumba instructor. That class starts at 9:10 a.m. I rarely make that one (too sleepy), but when I do I have loved the class . But the belove instructor who had  a huge following no longer does the Saturday class. Bummer. But–and this is why we need to allow room for change–it turns out that the new instructor is fantastic, different, but fantastic!

Great lessons: Be open. Go with the flow. Change can surprise you. The way you feel about the change makes all the difference. There are always two choices: Fight it or accept it. It’s all in the attitude.

The other change for the weekend was that this afternoon I tried a new technique that I saw in a craft magazine–creating reconstructed paper. I bought all of the supplies, couldn’t find one, improvised and couldn’t get the paper unstuck from the mat I created it on. It was supposed to peel off easily. It SO did not. I could have declared the project a complete failure, but I decided to improvise even more than the instructions called for and decided to reconstruct the paper on card stock. I love the results. And this is just the beginning. I know this will lead to so much more.

More change, please. Loving it.

World Drawing Day

Celebrating World Drawing Day today.

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