Sometimes the Muse hides. Sitting at my son’s basketball practice with my art materials recently, I set out to create a drawing based on the Illustration Friday word for the week, “reverse.” I intended to draw a woman facing the exact opposite of herself. But when I did an initial drawing I hated it. I […]

In the moment

Today, on my birthday, I spent as much time as possible being “alive.” By that, I mean I focused on living “in the moment.” That’s hard for me because I’m such an organized person (some call it controlling, but tomatoes, tomAtoes) that I’m always looking ahead to see what my next move needs to be, […]

Hotel Hope

This weekend I took great pleasure in hiding one of my “hope” rocks at a hotel. I like the idea of a stranger finding it in his or her room, hopefully just when he or she needs the message most. (I added some bling to this one.) Read about the Hope Rocks project here.


The theme for this month’s Creative Every Day Challenge is passion. I’m working on this piece on a large sheet of scratch paper. I keep a piece of paper on my craft table beneath my work as I paint and draw. The idea is to let the stray marks and brush strokes randomly create the […]

Illustration Friday/Creative Every Day

This pencil drawing on 9 x 12 watercolor paper fits both my Illustration Friday word for this week, “surrender,” and the Creative Every Day theme for the month, “passion.” A twofer. Excellent! (I played with my scanner to get it this dark.)

Hope Rocks

I hid this “hope” rock in plain sight in my colleague’s office two days ago. Let’s see how long it takes for her to notice it. That’s the thing. We can become so complacent with our everyday surroundings that we stop truly “seeing” what is right in front of us. Discovering this little surprise can […]

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