Happy Holidays!

Ta-dah! Here is the result of my month of ornament making. Enjoy.

Holiday surprise No. 2 and 3

I’m loving the second ornament that I have received as part of the Creative Color Challenge ornament swap. I received this lovely clay one  all the way from an artist in Australia. Catherine, thank you so much! The ornament is so beautiful and elegant, and the accompanying Christmas card was sweet. I have it on […]

New work

For years, I’ve enjoyed creating works that are based on fractured space. I think that stems from my love of working with torn paper in the collage works I create. Taking things apart and reconstructing them in a way that makes the eye move around the piece is so much fun. I get totally lost […]

Creative Every Day Challenge: Air

This month’s theme  for Creative Every Day Challenge is “air.” I have to admit that I don’t think much about air. What a luxury to take for granted, huh? Clean air. The ability to breathe easily. Space. A lightness. Freedom. Those of the things I’m thinking of as I focus on this theme in artwork […]

Holiday surprise No. 1

I’m very excited! Today I received my first ornament in the Creative Color Challenge ornament swap. An artist from California sent it to me. She read my blog and saw that I like using music sheets in my artwork so she incorporated a music sheet in her sweetly packed ornament. The ornament itself is beautiful, […]

Ornament Swap

Today I’ll be shipping off the handcrafted ornaments I made for the Creative Color Challenge Ornament Swap. Louise Gale’s inspired idea is that each participant creates four ornaments, limiting the color choices to red, green and gold. Each person keeps one and then swaps the other three with the other participants who have signed up. […]

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