Art Every Day Month: Day 30 review

Wow! Is Art Every Day Month over already! The month flew by. I got a lot done, but wished that I made  more. But, this was supposed to be no pressure, right? So I’m not going to beat myself up over not getting more accomplished. I never did touch that giant canvas that awaits me. […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 29

I’m participating in the Creative Color Challenge. So I’ve been spending a great deal of Art Every Day Month making Christmas ornaments. The challenge requires participants to make four ornaments. We then will keep one and then swap three with three others who are doing the same. Such a cool idea. We have to mail […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 28

What a glorious Thanksgiving weekend. Too much of everything! Thanksgiving and Christmas are truly artist holidays. Everyone turns into artists! We spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with some friends. There was a creative meal that was beautifully presented, a skillfully orchestrated cleanup in which everyone took part, and musical chairs as we all drifted from […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 21

I am so behind on my blogging this week! It’s Day 21 of Art Every Day Month. Hard to believe. I’ve been very busy with work, basketball practice, Zumba, life, etc., but I have also been busy working on Christmas cards. This is the first time I finally have time to post what I’ve been […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 14

Art Every Day Month. Day 14. I worked on some sketches for the Christmas ornaments I’m going to be making for the Creative Color Challenge swap. I did these sketches on Friday while at a basketball game between students and faculty members at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. My son had a great time at […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 12

I went to the Danger Zone last night: The Art Store. Michael’s, to be exact. The place where I lose my mind, where I go in for just a tube of paint and stand holding a $27 Martha Stewart paper punch shaking and trying to resist buying it as if it were crack. DANGER. DANGER. […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 10

The sunset this evening as I drove to pick up my son from his after school program was glorious! I had to struggle to keep my eyes on the road and out of the sky, but I kept drifting back up to the brilliant orange/pink streaks against the aqua green sky peeking through the dark […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 9

Tonight was basketball practice for my son. That’s where I get to quickly make art while sitting courtside dodging stray balls. Fun. I managed to make three new cards tonight in the one-hour session. YAY for me. Here they are for Art Every Day Month: Day 9. One of them is for Whimsical Wednesday, which […]

Art Every Day Month: Day 8

AEDM: Day 8. Here is a new card that is part of a series of new ones I’m making for an upcoming craft fair at Wheaton College on Dec. 2. More details on that to come. This is mixed media on watercolor paper. Hope you can see the shine of the paint.

Art Every Day Month: Day 5, 6, 7

I love today–the Sunday after we turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings. Boy, it just seems like the day goes on forever. Such luxury. I just relaxed, made a lovely chili for dinner with my son, as well as whole grain muffins and brownies; worked on several greeting cards for Art Every Day Month; […]

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