Collage trio

I’ve been working on a collage mixed media painting on canvas this week. I like many elements of the painting, but it is not a resolved or cohesive piece. So, for now I’ve decided to take the parts that I like and play with them on smaller panels. Here are some 5 x 5 panels […]

Playing around

This week I’ve been playing around with an old drawing that I have. A couple of years ago I did a drawing of an African lady in pencil. I then made several photo copies of it. I pulled them out over the weekend and began to play—changing colors and patterns to see how the drawing […]

A poem

I awoke from a nap today after dreaming about an old friend. These words immediately came to me: I dreamed I talked to you— words strained and sifted through distance and time, cutting with sarcasm and pieces of broken hearts that will never be reconnected. I prefer the silence. ~Sandy


90 degrees…again! Woke up cursing the heat, the four laundry baskets of unfolded laundry, the weight I need to lose, all of the work awaiting me when I return to work on Monday morning. Decided to change my perspective to one of gratitude: Thank you, Lord. Thank you that I have a house that can […]

Raining creativity

So we had more rain today to break (temporarily) the heat wave. Hallelujah! I felt like being creative today. Heat definitely sucks the life out me,which is strange for an Alabama girl. At least in Alabama we had air-conditioning so cold that you needed a sweater on in the house. No here in good ol’ […]


This month’s theme for Creative Every Day is “Life.” I admit when I saw the theme announcement I thought, “ugh.” “Life” is so…so complicated, with its ups and downs, ins and outs, disappointments and surprising joys. How does one capture that in art? Should be really inspiring, but for me I thought, “too overwhelming.” I […]

New jewelry

It’s 100 degrees here for the third day in a row. I think I will burst into flames soon without AC. In case I do, here is some new jewelry to remember me by.:-)

July business goals

I’m not sure what happened to me this month. I started out the month of June OK by photographing jewelry each night as planned. But after taking so much time shooting just 10 items I felt tired. Actually tired has been what I’ve been feeling for most of this month. Hence, not much of anything […]

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