Collage trio

I’ve been working on a collage mixed media painting on canvas this week. I like many elements of the painting, but it is not a resolved or cohesive piece. So, for now I’ve decided to take the parts that I like and play with them on smaller panels. Here are some 5 x 5 panels based on the collage painting. These are meant to hang as a trio. I’ll be taking these to sell at my Open Studios event in October. I really like the way that came out. Now, if I could just decide on what I want to do with the larger painting. Stay tuned….

Playing around

This week I’ve been playing around with an old drawing that I have. A couple of years ago I did a drawing of an African lady in pencil. I then made several photo copies of it. I pulled them out over the weekend and began to play—changing colors and patterns to see how the drawing would look from various approaches. These are all mixed media pieces on 17 x 11 card stock. Which do you like best?

A poem

I awoke from a nap today after dreaming about an old friend. These words immediately came to me:

I dreamed I talked to you—

words strained and sifted through distance and time,

cutting with sarcasm and pieces of broken hearts that will never be reconnected.

I prefer the silence.



90 degrees…again! Woke up cursing the heat, the four laundry baskets of unfolded laundry, the weight I need to lose, all of the work awaiting me when I return to work on Monday morning. Decided to change my perspective to one of gratitude:

Thank you, Lord. Thank you that I have a house that can be too hot; so many have tragically lost their homes  in disasters–both natural and financial. Thank you that my child has so many clothes that there are four laundry baskets full; so many can’t afford to buy their children clothing. Thank you that I have so much food that I need to diet; so many in this country and elsewhere are starving. And thank you for the job and the work; so many have been laid off.

Now, off to making art.

Raining creativity

So we had more rain today to break (temporarily) the heat wave. Hallelujah! I felt like being creative today. Heat definitely sucks the life out me,which is strange for an Alabama girl. At least in Alabama we had air-conditioning so cold that you needed a sweater on in the house. No here in good ol’ New England. (It’s way too cold most of the year to have a/c, right?) That’s OK; I have fans that taunt me with hot air. But, I digress…..For this piece, I took this old mixed media drawing (watercolor, marker and ink) on paper about 12 x 12 and played with it some more, using liquid gold, silver and bronze acrylic paint and marker. I like all the layers that show through. (This is one piece, but my scanner couldn’t get it all so I scanned two sections so you could see all of it.) I call it “Movement.”


This month’s theme for Creative Every Day is “Life.” I admit when I saw the theme announcement I thought, “ugh.” “Life” is so…so complicated, with its ups and downs, ins and outs, disappointments and surprising joys. How does one capture that in art? Should be really inspiring, but for me I thought, “too overwhelming.”

I think that’s because I’ve been in a blue period brought on by this 100 degree heat wave and having too much going on. I’ve been feeling sluggish and unwilling to be creative.

Well  the rain finally came last night. Thank you sweet rain. I was out grocery shopping to prepare for a dinner party I’m having tonight. I got caught in the rain, well, caught is not the right word. I stood there, just stood, soaking up every drop like a child without a raincoat. Loved it. Felt like the drops were melting on my skin.

This morning I felt like taking a walk in the cooler air. (Doctor says I need to exercise every day to lose weight. I say I need a new doctor.) So I felt like working this afternoon–after a long, leisurely nap. I love naps.

I took an old charcoal drawing from a life drawing art class I took years ago (life drawing…I just realized  that I painting over a life drawing with a life drawing, ha, ha). I began by just splashing some liquid bronze and gold acrylic paint over it and just moving the brush around to loosen up.

I saw some slashes of arches so I accentuated those, found part of a figure and brought her out a bit (sorry this photo didn’t capture her), then I thought about the cycle of life and headed for the use of the circles that I love to work with. Here is the result (seems a bit dark and moody, but, hey that’s where I am right now) and the words that came to me as I looked at it:



of darkness and light,

blues of sorrow

clear golden, bright shining moments of joy,

lost and then found again,

emerging in the cycle of chaos and clarity,

wrapped in the bronze warmth of family and friends,

standing alone, seeking, wanting,


~Sandy Coleman

New jewelry

It’s 100 degrees here for the third day in a row. I think I will burst into flames soon without AC. In case I do, here is some new jewelry to remember me by.:-)

July business goals

I’m not sure what happened to me this month. I started out the month of June OK by photographing jewelry each night as planned. But after taking so much time shooting just 10 items I felt tired.

Actually tired has been what I’ve been feeling for most of this month. Hence, not much of anything has been accomplished. I haven’t done much painting, no cards, not much jewelry until recently this week (I’ll post those items next week).

I’ve been on vacation and had grand plans for getting so many creative things done, but I seem to be lacking stem and inspiration. Maybe it’s the heat and humidity. Sometimes I feel like I need to just stop everything–I mean everything–for awhile just to get a rest. Does anyone else feel that way?

Maybe I just need to see some big results or sells to get me fired up. But that can’t happen if I don’t get these business things done each month to stay on track.

So here is what I didn’t get done in June and need to get done in July:

June goals (NOW JULY GOALS):

1. Continue to measure, size and name all paintings (five each night). Nope.

2. Photograph three pieces of jewelry each day after work. Only shot 10 pieces at the beginning of June. Need to do this for July.

3. Post at least 10 images of jewelry on my web site. Nope. Only got one up on the web.

4. Scan in 5 greeting cards per night. Nada. What’s wrong with me?!

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