Vineyard Haven

This week’s creativity involved a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with my 11-year-old son and husband. My son has been wanting to go to the Vineyard for awhile. We have raised a highly cultured foodie who enjoys chicken pesto sandwiches, sushi, lobster dinners and trips to the Vineyard. He’ll need a job soon to keep up […]

Playing with paint

I’ve been having a little casual artsy fun just playing with cheap watercolor paint on paper. I just took little textured sheets of paper, wet portions of it and then dropped watercolor on it and let the paint run. For this sheet, I crumpled the paper first to see what would happen. I like the […]

Nice summer fair

I spent Saturday at a summer fair selling my jewelry and handmade cards. I got lots of compliments on my work and the sales were OK, considering that most people came to the church fair mainly for the lamb kabobs and the white elephant sale. I enjoyed it because I got to sit outdoors all […]

Quick sketches

It has been a very busy week as I prepare for the summer fair. I think I will streamline my items this time to see whether that makes a difference in sales. Usually I take every piece of jewelry and handmade card, and I’m wondering if it is overwhelming to people. So I’m going to […]

Summer fair

This week I’m concentrating on getting ready for an upcoming summer fair, which will feature artists, musicians and lots of activities at the First Parish Church in Dorchester, Mass., where I exhibit during the Dorchester Arts Collaborative’s Open Studios. I’ll be selling my jewelry and handmade greeting cards.

Negative space

I’m in a negative space today.  I just got a rejection letter from a local arts museum where I entered a mixed media painting for an upcoming show. For the gazillionth time I have entered a piece, and for the gazillionth time they have rejected me. I just love form rejection letters–so specific: Dear artist, […]

Gallery night

We had a special evening tonight. My son and husband accompanied me to the wine tasting and artist reception hosted by the Rhodes Gallery in Cumberland, R.I., where my painting, handmade cards and jewelry are on display. It was wonderful to mingle and meet the other artists and to watch the gallery goers look at […]

June business goals

Wow. Can it actually be June? No way! Well, way! Actually, I’m so happy that it is finally summer. We wait for it for so long in New England and it goes by so fast. I’m going to focus on enjoying every moment. Last month I joined a group posting on a blog in which […]

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