A full plate

I’m very excited. REACH, a Massachusetts organization that helps victims of domestic abuse, has again asked me to design a plate for its “Reach for the Stars” event. Each year, REACH holds a fundraiser in which plates designed by celebrities (Harry Belafonte, Ellen Degeneres, Jeff Bridges, etc.) and artists are auctioned off to support programs. […]

Silver Linings

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday: I don’t always have to try to go around a problem. Sometimes I need to go through it. I have been letting something that has been bothering me brew in my mind and heart. I’ve  embraced it, turned it over and over, awakened each day and cursed it away, […]

New work

I’ve been sitting with this painting for the past week, trying to decide whether I’m finished with it. It originally was a canvas covered in African masks floating about. I never really liked the painting because it seemed disjointed. However, I had it elaborately (expensively) framed anyway. It was one of the pieces that I […]

Painting joy

Two days ago I sat in my studio intending to paint a piece featuring a woman reclining on a sofa. I began with one of my favorite colors—orange—as a background, then had the idea to add circles. After adding layers and layers of circles in various sizes, I sat looking at the piece as I […]

Sensual sushi

This month’s Creative Every Day theme is “the five senses.” Today I got to employ all of them at work during a sushi making workshop. (What a great job!) I love sushi. So it was such a treat to learn to make it. Who knew it was so simple? Of course, there was no raw […]

Random drawings

Tonight I took my 10-year-old son to the faculty-student basketball game at his middle school. I’m sure it was a very exciting game. He loved it. I did what I usually do at such sporting events–I retreated to my sketch book. There the yelling of cheering fans and the bouncing ball of zealous players all […]


On Saturday a trash hauler came and took all the soggy items out of my basement that was flooded in the New England rain storm, including canvases that I’ll miss. I’ve been spending these past couple of days hauling things out into the sun that is finally shining and donning rubber gloves to wipe things […]


The record-setting rain storm has ended, finally. I’ve continued to visit my flooded out basement this week and mourn the loss of some of the artwork that I spent years creating. Each time I turn over a soggy canvas, fresh waves of disbelief and sadness wash over me. I can only spend little bits of […]

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