Deep blue

First I screamed. Then I cried. After all day rain yesterday in the Boston area where I live, I decided to open the basement door just to check to see whether we had gotten a little water in our basement. When contractors built our home over 20 years ago, they brought the foundation up really […]

Going in Circles #2, #3

I spent more time this weekend exploring my love of circles. I combined my circle inspiration with my interest in patterns and visually dividing up space. These two works on 9 x 12 paper from my sketchbook are the result. I’m going to create paintings based on these. I may continue exploring this theme over […]

Going in circles

I was inspired by a quote that I ran across this week about the circle being a sign of eternity–having no beginning and no end. Much of my work incorporates symbols and I’m drawn to spirals for this very reason. So tonight, as part of the Creative Every Day Challenge, I thought I would just […]

Goodnight moon

It was so wonderful creating art this weekend because it felt like summer—at least for one day. It was 70 degrees here, and everyone was outside enjoying the light and smiling. It’s so much easier to be inspired when you are not freezing your butt off. There must be a scientific correlation, but I’m not […]


It is so fascinating how certain colors have the power to draw our attention over and over again, becoming our favorites. Aqua is one of those colors for me. I love, love aqua. It is soothing and relaxing, yet vibrant. Here are two of my latest pieces featuring the color. One is a mixed media […]

Handmade card

Pressed for time tonight (where does it go?), I made a few handmade greeting cards using paper that I had painted previously using mixed media. I’ll likely make 20 of these before I’ll become bored with them. I’m little kid when it comes to art. New shiny things catch my attention and off I go. […]

Friendly inspiration

It is so interesting how people find their way into our lives. They can show up when you least expect them, when you most need them, and long after you think that your days of creating close friendships have disappeared, along with your ability to pull all-nighters in college. Recently I spent time with such […]

Cafe special

This weekend, I was in my favorite story (in keeping with the stories theme for Creative Every Day): Mother and 10-year-old son hang out at Panera Bakery. She eats her favorite orange scone and drinks a delicious thai latte and sketches. He sits with a whipped cream mustache from his hot chocolate and quietly reads […]

Untold stories

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~Maya Angelou This quote was posted by Leah Piken Kolidas announcing this month’s stories theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge. It has stayed with me, haunted me almost. I think that there are so many stories inside each of us that can’t […]

An amazing story

I was touched and inspired by a story I saw on NBC Nightly news this week. It was about a 6-year-old girl in Haiti who had been separated and missing from her family for weeks after the earthquake hit. A UNICEF worker worked with the child to try to find out where she lived. The […]

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