Treasuring home

Here’s one more work for the home theme for Creative Every Day. Next month’s theme is “stories,” which will be challenging. I don’t have any ideas yet, but I’m thinking about it.

I did this drawing on 9 x 12 paper during one of my son’s basketball games. I got a lot of work done during his season of practices and games. I preferred sketching over getting all worked up over a child’s basketball game like so many of the parents did as they coached from the sidelines.  I’m going to miss those built-in drawing sessions.

Birthday painting

Here is my latest work titled “Colorful Character”—a mixed media collage on 24 x 30 canvas. It is fitting that I created this painting on my birthday because it was such a surprise. I started out by deciding to cover over an old oil painting that I did years ago in a figure painting class. I had a concept that featured two figures facing each other. My first problem occurred when the acrylic paint resisted sticking to the oil painting beneath it. Then my composition didn’t come together the way I had hoped. I kept working on the painting  and making “mistake” after “mistake,” watching it change as I tried to correct what I had previously done. And suddenly, viola–a surprise painting that I had no intention of creating but that I love. Sometimes art happens.

Shout out to CED

"Safe at home"

I’m very excited today! Creative Every Day is featuring the work of several bloggers working on the theme of home this month. And one of my pieces is mentioned! I’m very honored to be in the company of so many amazing and inspiring artists. Take a look at all the work here.

Home sketch

Here are some random items that I created this week. One is a sketch in keeping with the theme of home for Creative Every Day.

The other two are necklaces using the wire work technique that I learned months ago (The first one features beads from my husband’s native home, Senegal, West Africa).  I have become quite good at it, with practice.

I also think I’ve solved my quest for jewelry hang tags. I’ve been searching the Web all week for ways to create economical hang tags for my jewelry. I finally decided to cut down some of my business cards, punch a hole and tie a pretty ribbon at the end. What do you think? I welcome all/any ideas for jewelry hang tags.


This weekend I worked on interior based projects for the February home theme for Creative Every Day. The work above (11 x 15 mixed media, pencil, watercolor pencil and marker on watercolor paper) is based on the interior of my husband’s childhood home in Senegal, West Africa. The home has very colorful walls, an open courtyard and lots of patterns.

As a matter of fact, patterns are everywhere in Senegal–on doors, in ironwork, fabric, everything. As an artist, I have always been drawn to pattern. There is something that is very soothing and intriguing about the repetition of the same symbols. I try to incorporate pattern in my own work when I can.

The other two works I created this week are handmade cards with individual art pieces incorporated. I drew the mask below. We brought it back from Senegal years ago. It is one of my favorite things and hangs outside of our bedroom, where I see it so much that I often forget it is there. So it was nice to stare at it for a while as I drew it.

The following card with the splash of orange across it uses a color that covers two walls in my home—the living room and the kitchen. What makes the walls even more special is that my husband and I painted the living room together (it’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful),  and I did a special technique on the kitchen wall myself just on a whim. We love them both, and the boldness of the color is SO us. Those two walls go great with the purple one (officially called Portuguese dawn) in our family room. Did I mention that we like bold color?

Home work

Here are two more offerings this week for the theme of home for Creative Every Day. I did these last week when I was feeling better than I am now, but I didn’t scan them in until today. So here they are. One a 9 x 12 watercolor pencil sketch of a family, which is the very essence of home. The one  below is a work-in-progress done using mixed media over map paper.

The comforts of home

Home (the theme for Creative Every Day this month) is particularly comforting today. After dragging myself to work for a week while feeling ill, I finally went to see my doctor today.  Apparently I have pneumonia and need to stay home, take loads of medicine, and get some rest. So here I am—buried under the covers,  awaiting the big snowstorm that is about to hit, relinquishing the role of Superwoman. No art today. No laundry. No dishes. Just rest.

Safe at home

A few summers ago, I went to the Bahamas with my son and husband for a friend’s destination wedding. We stayed in the most amazing resort hotel I’ve ever been in—terra cotta floors, ceiling fans, fancy post bed that felt like a cloud, fresh pastries delivered daily. We felt totally pampered. But as good as staying in a place like that feels, nothing matches the comforting feeling of walking back into my own home—dust and clutter and the oven that always needs cleaning and all.

As I reflect on the “home” theme for Creative Every Day this month, I’m constantly drawn back to the same images of comfort, safety, security. Home feels like an embrace. That’s what this mixed media work on 15 1/4 x 16 paper  is about. The world around me can be in total chaos, but home is sanctuary—the place where I can breathe the sigh of relief that releases all the tensions of the day.

Today as I napped I felt wrapped in blanket of comfort  as I listened to the familiar “noise” of my 10-year-old son as he roamed the house. He retrieved things from his room, returned to watching his movie, opened and closed doors, sang the wrong lyrics to the hip-hop songs. In a world that is so full of things that can go wrong, I am so happy to have a place where my son doesn’t have to worry about any of it—yet.

Each day when I awake and each night before I go to sleep, I thank God for my home and the family it protect and nurtures.

Home #2

Never too far from home

No matter where you are,

No matter where you’ve been,

You’re never too far from home.

For me “home” has always been a state of mind that is not necessarily tied to a particular place. I grew up in Alabama, where my family still lives. That is home for me. I now live in Massachusetts with my son and husband. This is home for me, too. Both are places that serve as anchors, keeping me secure.

This mixed media collage on paper (about 11 x 16) for this month’s home theme for Creative Every Day captures this concept with the use of map pieces and drawings I did on tracing paper.

Home #1


Such a small word for such a powerful place. It sets the stage for everything that happens in life. If home is full of love, warmth and support, life is good—even when there are challenges. If it is not, everything else seems lackluster and harder to face.

I’m truly blessed to have a home that I love in every sense—the physical space, as well as the love and laughter with which my husband and 10-year-old son fill it.

I created this sign for the first entry for the “home” theme for Creative Every Day. I’m looking forward to exploring this subject this month.

The sign is on a 14.5 inch x 7 inch wood panel. I used acrylic paint with a gloss medium. I’ve written the words love, laugh, forgive across the letters in the word home. I believe that home is the place where there should always be the place where we can count on love, laughter and forgiveness when we make mistakes.

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