Body work No. 10: Curve appeal

I’m heading into the final week of working with the body theme for Creative Every Day. I was inspired to finished this 11 x 15 mixed media work on paper. I began this several years ago as a sketch, working from a reference photo. The subject is a jazz singer who performed at a summer […]

One body: Human

Watching the devastating stories continue to unfold in Haiti after the earthquake, I’m thinking about how we are all connected. No matter who we are or where we live, tragedy can strike. And when it does so on such a dramatic scale as in Haiti, it is so heartening to see people from all over […]

Fruity talk

So now even our fruit is involved in picking at our body image. A friend recently shared this sticker she found on a banana. “Lose Weight” it says. I say, “shut up banana, you don’t tell me what to do!” Of course, the sticker is just the company’s way of encouraging shoppers to eat the […]

Body work No. 8: Soulful painting

As part of the Creative Every Day Challenge, I’ve been working on this painting since I created a sketch (see below) based on this quote by Wayne Dyer: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” The sketch was very loose, and I had hoped to […]

Body work No. 7: The heart

I have given much thought to the body this month as part of the “body” theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge. But what is the body without the heart? The heart drives the body, as well as the spirt. “Feelings” play such a big role in life. An emotional hit to the heart physically […]

Body work No. 6: Soulful

Inspired by another quote while thinking about the “body” theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge, I created this sketch. Quickly scribbling across my 9 by 12 sketch pad, I pondered the words: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”—Wayne Dyer In this drawing, I […]

Body work No. 5: Sacred

As I continue to think about the “body” theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge this month, I’ve started looking at quotes about the body that I find inspiring. I found one by Walt Whitman earlier this week. It inspired me to create this drawing in my sketchbook: “If anything is sacred, the human body […]

Body Work No. 4: Abundance

I have been inspired this week by a comment another blogger, Julie Jordan Scott,  made on my blog regarding my drawings. She said: “I so want women, everywhere, to feel comfortable with their abundance… in shapes and sizes regardless of how abundantly curvy she may be.” That word “abundance” stayed with me this week as […]

Body Work No. 3

Today was a busy one, returning to work for the first day since the holiday break. So I just did a quick sketch for the “body” theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge. I’m focusing on viewing full-bodied as beautiful.

Body Work No. 2

I spent some time at a cafe this morning eating a pumpkin muffin that I had no business eating (considering the fat grams) and working on sketches in my series following the Creative Every Day Challenge theme: “Body.” I’ve decide that I’m going to continue to create visual affirmations about what it means to  have […]

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