Creative play

I had a great time today “playing” in the Wreck This Journal that I gave myself for Christmas. The journal has blank pages with lots of wacky prompts like “scribble wildly”  and “tie a string to this journal and go for a walk dragging it.” I haven’t been zany enough yet to actually go for […]

Happy (artsy) Holidays!

I haven’t spent much time creating these last few days, with Christmas preparations to take care of. But I’m getting ready to get busy again. I unwrapped my artsy gifts from me to me: Journal Spilling and Wreck This Journal. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of art journaling since reading about this creative process […]

Overcoming “mistakes”

I spent Saturday working on a painting that I thought I had completely ruined by “mistake.” I felt that I had overworked the background because I didn’t know where to stop. Instead of packing the canvas up and putting it out of sight, as I’ve done in the past, I kept going. I sat for […]


One of my good artists buddies, who shall remain nameless, has just made me feel guilty for not posting on the blog more than I have this week. So here goes Nameless Buddy (Thanks for reading my blog). I’ve been busy this week working on painting over a canvas from a previous art exhibit. Those […]

New necklace

I worked on another necklace using the wire wrapping and coiling technique. I’m getting much better at it. But this necklace still has some issues with how the inner piece hangs. I’ll work on that. I made this mainly using the time waiting for my son to finish basketball practice. That is turning out to […]

Strange inspiration

Inspiration is a strange thing. You never know from where it will come. Sometimes as I’m drawing I consciously try to listen to my thoughts to see what is leading me to draw the images that I draw, but I haven’t figured it out. This drawing, for example, was inspired by a report on the […]


I have spent the past two days working on my wire wrap necklace using the techniques I learned in the class I took this weekend. I wanted to practice the wrapping over and over again so I wouldn’t forget it. I can see that each time I do it my work improves. That is such […]

Practice, practice

I practiced more of the wire wrapping and coiling technique that I learned in my jewelry class over the weekend. My loops are still very warped and the coils aren’t so tight and neat—yet. I’m going to get it. I refuse to give up. I’ll do it over and over so I don’t forget how. […]

Learning something new

In the spirit of the recycle theme for Creative Every Day, I’m focusing on using the beads that I already have for making jewelry and resisting the urge to buy more. So to aid that effort I took a wire work and coil class today. Learning this technique will give me more design options. In […]

Art retreat

Tonight I used art as a retreat from a stressful day, as I sat in the hallway of the school where my son was having basketball practice. Practice is an hour and half long, and for the first time in a long time I spent the entire period drawing in my sketchbook (an old one […]

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