Joyful season

Today’s act for Art Every Day Month was putting up the Christmas trees and lights. This one is in my art studio, which is all glass—floor to ceiling. It is the most beautiful place in the world to create art because I have a view. It also means I AM the view for my neighbors […]

The end result

I began reworking this painting at the beginning of the Art Every Day Challenge Month and committed to spending a month working on a painting, which I never do. I finally finished this. Well, I’ve decided to stop working on it. It is difficult to know when to stop sometimes. But I think I have […]


I’m taking a moment from cooking Thanksgiving dinner to reflect on some of the things that I’m thankful for. I am thankful for: my family, a husband who loves me and tells me that I’m beautiful even when I’m wearing the comfy stretchy pants that have passed their prime, a 10-year-old son who brings me […]

Flowers for Leah

I was sorry to hear about the recent passing of Leah’s  grandmother. Leah is the creator of Art Every Day Month. Even in grief she allowed her Muse to speak and lead her to make a beautiful piece of art honoring her grandmother. I admire her ability to keep herself open and pour her emotions […]

Sketchy weekend

I’ve had a busy weekend so I fit art in where I could for the Art Every Day Month Challenge. I mostly took my sketchbook with me and did drawings at my son’s basketball practice and basketball game. It’s funny how hard it is to concentrate with the sound of a bouncing ball constantly going. […]

Art Every Day Month

Time crunch again tonight. I only managed to make three new greeting cards for Art Every Day Month. I’ll take them with me to the holiday craft fair I have coming up in December. I haven’t worked on my “Lady-In-Waiting” painting because I feel that I need more time to spend on it than a […]


Tonight the Muse is in control. I sat down with some paper to quickly play with paint because I didn’t feel that I had much time to do any art. I needed to fit so much into my evening–the usual cooking, homework, dishes, blah, blah. But I’m finding that quick bursts of inspiration are working […]

Happy accidents

Tonight I was too tired to spend too much time on art. I’m trying to fit exercise into my already busy evening. So I did my Zumba dance DVD. Perhaps that is what inspired the accidental dancer that I ended up creating on this little piece of scrap paper (5 1/2 inches by 6 3/4 […]

Long, full weekend

This has been a very busy weekend. I had the holiday fair in which I sold cards and jewelry. There were lots of people there, but they seemed to be looking more than buying. At one point after a couple of hours had gone by with no sales I actually wondered whether this would be […]


Tonight I would continued to experiment with the painted paper I made and cut up for handmade cards. With the remaining piece I decided to work on a painting of a sketch I’ve had for a couple of weeks. The drawing is of ladies in long gowns holding hands. I tend to dress my ladies […]

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