Holiday fair

I’m now preparing for an upcoming holiday fair on Saturday, Nov. 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at First Parish Church in Dorchester, Mass. I participated last year and got a great response from those who came. I love the comments about my work more than anything else. I’ve been making lots of new […]

Revamping Web site

I’m working on revamping my current Web site. I added this image tonight. I found a Web site for artist ( that was created by artists who understand what we are looking for. Ironically, it was a very nice artist who designs Web sites who told me about  it. I was considering hiring her and […]

Connecting at Open Studios

Well, I’ve just wrapped up another weekend at the Dorchester Open Studios. This is my fifth year doing it, and I must say that the best part is connecting with other artists. I love seeing the work of other artists and seeing how their creative process and presentation changes over the years. I learn a […]

Preparing for Open Studios

I’m down to the wire preparing for Dorchester Open Studios. Tonight I’m packaging my cards—my one last task before loading everything in the car tomorrow. As I go through these, I’m falling in love with what I’ve done all over again—if I do say so myself. I love the diversity of the work that comes […]

Racing the clock

Time is racing by as I get my artwork, beaded jewelry and handmade cards ready for the Dorchester Open Studios that take place this Saturday and Sunday in Dorchester. You would think that since I have a year to prepare for this every year that I would be ready. But, sadly, nada. I just keep […]


As part of the Creative Every Day Challenge that I’m participating in, working with the theme of “connect,” I’ve been looking at my artwork a lot more lately. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing. What am I trying to say? I need to know so that some day I can have that all […]

One good thing

Ever have one of those days when it seems like the entire world is conspiring against you and every single thing goes wrong? Well, I had that weekend. I had big plans for preparing for the Dorchester Open Studios which is coming up this week. I was supposed to scan in about 100 new greeting […]


Success tonight as I have found the greeting cards that I made this summer that I had lost in, of all places, my art supply cabinet! I am so happy to find these cards. Nothing can drive me crazier than losing something in my own house. I spent another hour in the basement tonight searching […]

New cards

I was inspired by the changing leaves outside of my studio this week. Here are my latest handmade greeting cards.

Playing around

The last two evenings I’ve been connecting to a sense of play, which I need more of in my approach to art. It began the other night when I was too tired to plan what type of handmade card I wanted to create. I’m still trying to quickly build up my supply before the Dorchester […]

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